Why does your electric bike lose power so fast?

Riding electric bicycle travel owners, many times will be faced with a doubt, why the first frame of electricity can ride for a long time, the second frame of electricity began, it will be crazy power loss, often affecting the trip, what is the reason?

1, the meter display problem

At present, many electric bicycle meter display power is based on the battery voltage to calculate, and the battery voltage belongs to the non-linear loss, which means that the meter does not fully display the real power, if the use of 30% power, the actual may have used up 50% or more, so before going out, we should calculate the trip, be prepared in advance, do not be cheated by the display data on the meter.
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2、Charging is not enough

When the electric bike remaining power only 20%-40%, is the best charging time, the normal charging time is about 8 hours, if the battery charging is not satisfied, there will be a situation of false power, false power state of the battery drop is extremely fast, this is a reason with the daily cell phone charging, this time to extend the charging time, so that the battery to reach full charge state.

3、Natural discharge

As we all know, electric bicycle cannot be placed in a deficit state, but even if it is placed in a full charge for a period of time, the battery will have a natural discharge phenomenon and will slowly enter a deficit state, at this time, even if the dashboard shows a full charge, the real power is not satisfied. So in the state of placement, electric bikes should try to do a week of charging, preferably once a month for deep discharge, to prevent the battery in a long-term "starvation" state.
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4、Battery aging

Compared to the new electric bicycle, the battery of the old electric bicycle has been aging for many years, which is the result of long-term use and consumption. This time it is necessary to replace the new battery in a timely manner.
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5, cadmium-free battery design

In recent years, due to the requirements of environmental production, the battery is not allowed to add cadmium and other trace elements, and this is a direct result of the initial low voltage of the battery, and then accelerate the power loss. For this type of situation, we should try to avoid choosing miscellaneous electric bicycles when buying electric bicycles; secondly, you can use slow speed when riding, and then use uniform speed to avoid sudden speed and sudden braking.
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6、Battery moisture

Summer is a rainy season, and the probability of the same electric bicycle being damp is higher than other seasons. If the electric bicycle line is damp, then the resistance of the whole line will increase, which means that when the electric bicycle is started, the voltage will be low, which will accelerate the power loss. So, when traveling in the rain, try to avoid wading through the water, return to park out of the rain and dry the key parts.

7, charging environment temperature is too low

First of all, we need to know is that in summer due to high temperatures, electric bicycle battery active material is relatively active, and this time the best battery performance, capacity is also the maximum, range is also relatively farther. In the fall and winter, as the temperature drops, the electric bicycle battery active material will become inactive, and the capacity will drop, and the electric bicycle will drop too fast and the battery will not last. For this problem, we need to avoid charging in low temperature environment, but should choose to charge in a moderate temperature environment, in addition, after the charger jump light, you can choose to continue floating charge for half an hour.
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8、Single battery failure

When the electric bicycle battery single battery failure, charging will appear in advance of the jumping light, at this time, although the meter shows full charge, the actual situation is also all false power, naturally there will be too fast to drop the battery, the battery is not durable. For this kind of problem, we can choose to re-group, with a small battery of the same power to replace the problem battery.

In short, in order to prevent the battery from dropping too fast, we must strengthen the maintenance of the battery, do not over-discharge, do not over-charge, use the electric bicycle reasonably, try to maintain a uniform speed, in order to minimize the speed of battery drop, to avoid affecting the travel arrangements.

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