Why is it always the rear wheel of the e-bike that suffers? For you to uncover the mystery behind this

Tires are arguably the most feared unexpected situation in the process of riding an electric bike, experienced users know that tires are punctured, often occurring in the rear wheel, which is why? For you to unravel the mystery of electric bicycle flat tire.
In layman's terms, the wheels that drive the e-bike forward carry the power output of the motor, and the rear wheel is the driving wheel. First of all, for safety reasons, e-bikes are designed with a rear center of gravity, so the rear tire has a higher weight capacity than the front wheel. Secondly, the whole car needs to rely on the friction between the rear wheel and the ground to generate propulsion, so the wear and tear of the rear wheel will be larger. When the rear tire is worn thin, it is naturally more likely to be punctured.
Tires are the part of an electric bike with a high maintenance rate, so choosing the right tires becomes very important. High-quality tires reduce the maintenance rate while increasing the safety performance.
Of course, even good tires need to be maintained, because once the tires have problems, light falls and bruises, or endanger the safety of the driver's life. So the maintenance of tires is particularly critical. Tire maintenance in addition to excessive exposure to the sun, excessive wear and tear, but also often observe whether there is abnormal tire pressure. If the tire pressure is found to be too low, it is possible that the outer tire has been scratched, to be repaired in a timely manner; if the tire pressure is found to be too high, it will make the tire damage parts in the process of fast driving burst.

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