Why is the quality of electric bicycle batteries getting worse?

Many e-bike users may feel that the current batteries are not as good as before. In the past, the batteries basically ran for three years without any problems. Many e-bikes don't change their batteries for the rest of their lives. Also, there are batteries that last 10 years. Nowadays, the batteries can be used for one or two years. Some of them can only be used for half a year. Why are batteries now used instead for a short time?

One, batteries are not allowed to add cadmium, batteries are more environmentally friendly
According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, industry associations and other lead battery industry access conditions, the existing cadmium content of more than 0.002% or arsenic content of more than 0.1% of the production capacity of lead batteries and their lead parts should be phased out by December 31, 2013. The battery companies strictly comply with national regulations, the battery produced after 2014 in line with national standards, strict control of cadmium and arsenic content in the battery, some companies offer completely cadmium-free arsenic battery, objectively speaking, the battery does not add cadmium, then life and stability will be reduced, but from the long-term perspective of national development, the battery is not bad, but more environmentally friendly.
Second, the battery using internal chemical production process to reduce environmental pollution
From 2014, according to the requirements of the "lead battery industry access conditions", the production of electric bicycle batteries must be internalized into the production technology. The significant advantage of internalized production technology is that it can reduce environmental pollution and better protect production personnel during the production process. However, the effect of indeed internalization is not completely the previous externalized technology.
Third, electric bicycles are getting heavier and consume more electricity
Until 2014, the market mainly sells simple type electric bicycle, as people's demand for comfort is getting higher and higher, the proportion of luxury type in the market is now increasing, the weight of luxury type obviously increases to simple type, consuming more and more electricity, and the continuous distance and life of electric bicycle will also decrease.
Fourth, the electric bicycle is getting faster and faster, the motor power is getting bigger and bigger
In previous years, the electric bicycle motor sold in the market is relatively small, low-powered to 250W, high-powered to 500W. And these years, the electric car for the pursuit of speed, motor power increased, 800W motor and 1200W motor has been very common, the larger the motor, the greater the damage to the battery.

After knowing these four truths, you can understand the battery?

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