Why is there such a big difference in electric bike range?

Recently, there are a lot of friends message, electric bike 48V12AH battery in the end can run how far? Why some can travel up to 40 km, while some can only travel 25 km, why is the range gap so big?
The following TESGO industrial design company from the two major factors affecting the range.
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A. Analysis of the problems from the product point of view
1. Charger problem
Now many miscellaneous charger manufacturers in order to reduce costs, with the circuit board and internal electronic components of poor quality, easy to cause damage and charging voltage or high or low, the use of such chargers will certainly affect the battery durability and mileage.
2. Motor problems
Part of the motor on the market is a refurbished motor, power loss, slot full rate is low, the magnet contains high carbon, and even some motor magnets rust, resulting in power shortage and waste of power, in addition, some motor shells are recycled aluminum recycling manufacturing, purity is not enough, these "pathologies" will cause the operation of the motor to generate heat, greatly increasing the battery power loss, "strain" battery.
3. Controller problems
Some controllers are of poor quality, due to workmanship, control board, and imprecise parameters resulting in high current, undervoltage value parameter shift and so on, are affecting the battery power "control play" resulting in shortened mileage, premature termination of battery life.
4. Brake cut-off problem
Without a brake cutoff, the brakes will not return to their original position, so they will run with the brakes, which will make the whole bike parts "fatigue" and waste a lot of power! To electric bicycles do not want to brake constantly make power run off, no brake power failure on the repair repair it.
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Second, from the use point of view of the analysis of the problems
1. Overweight load
The electric bicycle is designed to be lightweight and efficient, and the load quality of a two-wheeled electric bicycle is usually 100 kg, so if the load is too heavy for people and things, the mileage will drop a lot.
2. Lower temperature
When the weather gets colder, the mileage of electric bicycle decreases as a normal phenomenon. Generally speaking, the mileage drops by almost 1% for every 1 degree drop in temperature, not necessarily due to electric bicycle or battery failure.
3. Driving speed
The mileage data given by the industrial design company is also tested within the economic speed, while riding electric bikes are usually used to using the highest speed, so they often do not reach the maximum mileage claimed by the manufacturer.
4. Human misleading
Now many businesses have a tendency to mislead, 48V12AH battery can normally run 30 kilometers, but said to run 50 kilometers, boasting, and let some people believe in the truth, and finally how much road can run, become a mystery.

electric bike
Sometimes electric bikes don't run far, it's really not the battery's fault! Electric bicycle range and charger, controller, motor, load size, tire pressure, etc. have a close relationship, we need to pay attention to.

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