Why is your electric bike always undercharged?

When it comes to e-bike charging, you may not think, it's just a charging? What's so difficult about it! But confidently you, instead, electric bicycle always undercharge. What is going on here? Today to break the case for you!

A, charging environment below 25 ℃

Electric bicycle battery has its own most adaptable temperature, when the temperature is lower than 25 ℃, the battery capacity will shrink, you can also understand the thermal expansion and contraction, in this case, the battery power naturally will not be full, in fact, it seems to be full, but in fact, the range as well as the speed of power consumption can be reflected.
electric bike
Second, the battery fuse is blown or the connection line contact is poor

When the electric bicycle battery fuse is blown or poor contact with the connection line, it can not form a complete circuit, the battery can not be charged normally, resulting in the battery is not charged. For this situation, generally by re-checking the line and replace the fuse to solve.

Third, the battery aging drum phenomenon

If the electric bicycle battery has been used for more than three years or often irregular charging, will appear aging or even charging drum, resulting in the electric bicycle battery can not be charged properly, making the battery is not charged, a full charge or charger does not jump light, this time need to replace the new battery in a timely manner.
electric bike
Four, frequent charging

Frequent charging will make the internal electrolyte has been reacting, and the internal solution volatilizes under the continuous high temperature, resulting in the reduction of battery capacity, and inevitably the battery will lose power regularly.
electric bike
Electric bicycle battery can not be charged or charged by the above reasons, often caused by the user if you encounter this situation, to know to troubleshoot, or find professionals to repair! At the same time in use, to maintain good car and charging habits, so that your car run more years.

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