Will the e-bike market explode in an all-round way?

Before normal social order is restored, various industries across the country are preparing for the renewal of the decapitated year 2020.

As the most convenient green travel tool - electric bicycle, is bound to rise again in this spring of 2020! This is not a delusional assertion, there is a reasoned argument here, manufacturers resume work one after another to resume normal Wuhan closed city for nearly 2 months, many white angels to go against the wind. A number of electric bicycle brands donated multiple batches of electric bicycles to the hardest hit areas of the epidemic, which is the electric bicycle industry's charge in the epidemic battle. Micro information through visits to electric bicycle manufacturers learned that, at present, the major manufacturers have resumed production one after another, the early start of several large brands, the resumption rate continues to rise, production lines are resuming one after another, to meet the momentum waiting for the electric bicycle consumer market!
Moreover, as a medium to large commodity, electric business has long been launched in the industry, for a variety of factors, so many dealers and consumers discouraged, electric business has not been in the industry to stir up the waves. This epidemic has become the fuel for online ordering in the electric bicycle industry. Major brands launched online ordering policies that coincided with dealers, and orders from many brands have reached staggering numbers.

During the epidemic, some public transportation around the world was halted, causing a lot of inconvenience to people's lives. Currently, the epidemic is improving and work is resuming around the world, although public transportation has resumed in many urban areas. Given the contagious nature of the new coronavirus, people have decisively chosen to travel by e-bike, which brings new hope to the e-bike industry that has been quiet for more than a year, and the e-bike market is expected to reverse in 2020.
For the current online and offline procurement provided by various manufacturers for dealers, the de-cluttering of transportation vehicles is highly encouraged as an e-bike dealer. At present, many dealers are actively stocking up and fighting a full-scale reversal battle.
Now, public transportation, public places, is still a dangerous place. As work resumes around the world, whether or not to take the original convenient public transportation, leaving consumers torn. At present, according to national regulations, electric bicycles are divided into two types of motorized and non-motorized vehicles, and the right to travel policy and related regulations for electric bicycles have been given around the basis. Nearby travel, you can choose relatively light electric bicycle, longer distance, you can choose a large range of light electric motor. One person, one car, safe and convenient, electric bicycle travel, is currently the first choice of most people travel.

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