With a digital display, can detect the tire pressure inflatable pump, this function is more convenient

Driving in the event of a flat tire, low-speed driving will not be so easy to occur in danger, but if a flat tire occurs at high speed, then the consequences may be more serious. Generally before driving to test the tire pressure, to prevent the car tire pressure is not enough or too enough to cause dangerous accidents. If the tire pressure is not enough, you need to inflate the operation, the market car inflatable pump a variety of different types, the function is also different. I recently got a TESGO inflator pump, so how is this inflator pump?

TESGO inflatable pump product packaging using a relatively simple packaging design, you can see the overall white tone of the packaging, the front is the product wireframe diagram, the upper right corner is the TESGO Logo. the back of the packaging mainly introduces the product parameters, information about the manufacturer and related features, the relevant features of the introduction of the font is relatively small, not easy to find. There is a note on the side of the package telling the user that the product is an integrated design and that the body is fixed in the metal box, so do not try to remove it.
inflatable pump
TESGO inflatable pump is designed in a box, other packaging accessories are only the instruction manual. Randomly attached is wearing three air nozzles, but these accessories are included in the boxed set. The inflatable pump is designed with a metal iron box, the heat dissipation performance of metal compared to the traditional plastic shell heat dissipation performance will be slightly better. You can see the metal texture of the shell is still relatively strong, the front of the shell printed with product-related features.

TESGO inflatable pump is designed with a top independent cover, the top cover body is made of translucent plastic, which is supposed to facilitate the user to open the cover or box cover. The back of the box is labeled with the relevant model parameters and features of the product. The top of the lid has a woven strap handle, which makes it easy for the user to lift it up and carry it. From the bottom of the TESGO inflatable pump you can see four cylindrical brackets, which are of a certain thickness and have a non-slip design, and the bottom is not painted. After removing the cover, you can see the main control area of the pump, with a display panel on the left and three air nozzles on the right. To make it easier for the user, the TESGO inflator only needs to be operated by removing the power and inflation cables. The power supply cable is designed with a cable strip and the cable length is only 2.9 meters, which is a little short.
inflatable pump
The TESGO inflator works at 12V, and its car charger connector is designed with a cigarette lighter connector, so you can plug it directly into the car's cigarette lighter port for power supply. When using it, you still need to pay attention to the output voltage of the car cigarette lighter, except for trucks which have an output voltage of 24V.

Inflatable pump quick-draw connector using the more common press type design, through the rear of the press button can be fixed or remove the connector, the operation is still relatively simple. The pressure gauge display is designed with an Alec panel, which comes with a film when it is shipped from the factory, and after removing the film, you can see that the display is still relatively clear. The upper part of the display is the digital display area, with four touch buttons in the lower position, touch buttons are with backlight display.
inflatable pump
The three included nozzles are a long nozzle, a short nozzle and a ball needle. The long nozzle can be used for beach balls, swimming laps and other inflatable; short nozzle is mainly used for inflatable beds; ball needle is mainly used for basketball, soccer and other ball goods inflatable. These three nozzles can be used for most of the inflation needs in life.

After connecting the TESGO inflatable pump head to the car cigarette lighter, you need to start the vehicle equipment to turn it on. The default is that the pump will automatically turn on without any operation. The pump will automatically shut down when the head is removed or the vehicle is turned off.

The default unit is bar after the device is turned on. You can convert between bar, psi or KPa by tapping the R button. The unit conversion instructions are included in the manual, and the default unit provided in the manual is bar, with a recommended pressure range of 2.2 to 3.5 for cars and 1.8 to 3.0 for motorcycles. The cable length seems a little compact, and it would be nice if it could be a little longer. After connecting the air tube, the digital display will show the current tire pressure, if not to inflate the operation, nothing to detect the tire pressure is also possible. Before inflating the tire pressure can be preset, through the digital display below the plus or minus button to increase or decrease the pressure operation, when the digital flashing stop, that is, the preset tire pressure value.
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The preset value is not adjusted too much for the first time, only 2.9 bar, and when you press the charge start button, the TESGO pump will automatically enter the inflation state. The TESGO pump is said to be designed with high-temperature copper wire, the maximum operating current is no more than 10A and the output current is relatively stable, so the overall work stability is a little better. The internal structure cannot be dismantled and cannot be seen, so only the actual inflation experience can be felt.

After the completion of the inflation of one side of the tire, you need to open the other door, and then charge the other side, the front tire can not open the door, the rear tire must open the other side of the side door. If you encounter abnormal conditions when inflating, you need to immediately turn off the power. It would be more convenient to add an abnormal alarm and then automatically stop the inflating operation.
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Officially, the inflation speed of the TESGO pump is 329L/min, which is not a good test. The maximum continuous charging time of the TESGO pump is 24 hours, but it usually doesn't take that long. 230/70R17 tires only take 6 minutes, and the maximum time for four tires is only 24 minutes. However, this length of continuous inflation can also be used in some special situations, so the inflation range is still relatively good.

It has been a while since I got the TESGO inflatable pump, and under normal circumstances, it can be used for a long time with one inflation, but it can also be used for tire pressure detection, so it is better to check the tire pressure frequently during long trips in summer. First of all, from the point of view of the design, TESGO inflatable pump boxed integrated design, the operation is relatively simple, so that it is also easy to carry, in the car or at home are not too much space. The metal exterior design also gives it a certain value, but a little shortage is that the handbag is not retractable. Then let's look at the features, TESGO inflatable pump supports tire pressure detection, digital electronic screen can display tire pressure in real time, the operation is also relatively simple, a little shortage is the charging cable can be longer is good. Then take a look at its inflation speed, the official data is 39L/min, the actual experience is still relatively fast. Inflation life can be used continuously for 24 hours, this usually does not usually charge so long, certain emergency scenarios may be used, this is also relatively good. If you want to experience the inflatable pump can be quickly inflated and with a digital display, you can look at this TESGO inflatable pump.

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