Electric bicycles can be operated in this way to increase the riding speed by 30%

How to increase the speed of electric bicycle? There are many friends whose electric bicycle speed is about 20 km, so how can you improve the speed of electric bicycle?

A. Conventional electric bicycle speed up method
Generally speaking: the more conventional and safe way to speed up electric bicycle is to add a battery to the electric bicycle and change the battery threshold of the controller.
Electric bicycles
This can not only improve the speed and range of electric bicycle, battery life can also be improved.

Second, remove the speed limit line
In fact, many electric bicycle manufacturers know that users desire faster speed, so many manufacturers have reserved a speed limit line on the electric bicycle, after you buy a new car, find it and cut it off, your electric car speed can be greatly improved.
If you can't find the speed limit line, don't worry, just ask the salesperson when you buy the bike, 50% of the car manufacturers have this speed limit line, it's very good to find.
Electric bicycles
1, the controller's overvoltage protection function to start: 48V battery fully charged voltage, can reach 60V, 12V fully charged can reach 15V. battery in the process of use, the voltage is slowly declining, and so the battery is not charged, 48V battery, the actual voltage is only about 43V, if the newly charged battery, do not use electricity, the voltage exceeds 75V must start overvoltage protection function.
Electric bicycles
2, the same controller also has undervoltage protection. When we ride an electric car without electricity, an acceleration forward, and then power off, a flash forward, and then power off, which is the role of undervoltage protection.

Once accelerated, the voltage drops, start the under-voltage protection, the controller does not work. Controller does not work, the battery voltage back up to the protection line above, the controller can work again. I think by this point, you should be able to understand it?
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