Car inflatable pump everyone is using this

Inflatable pump is a tool that every family needs to use, its role is very rich and can adapt to a variety of scenarios, so how do we pick the right inflatable pump for themselves, then look down!
Good quality car inflatable pump selection.
1, look at the power, choose the power of the inflatable pump is based on the type of car to decide, so in the choice of car inflatable pump, ordinary household cars can choose a single-cylinder low-power, enough to use the general will not exceed 180w; but large and medium-sized vehicles can be considered with a double-cylinder high-powered inflatable pump, otherwise the inflatable is very slow, and power consumption. So you can generally buy about 180w double-cylinder inflatable pump.
inflatable pump
2, inflatable speed, the general inflatable speed of the car pump differs, small power inflatable slow, high-powered inflatable fast. General inflatable speed of 35L per minute or more to be considered inflatable fast. For example, this xx double-cylinder inflatable pump, about 80 seconds to complete! It is recommended to choose a fast inflatable, because the general inflatable pump can not work continuously for a long time, long working hours easily lead to the body heat. If it takes a lot of time to fill a tire, it is too long to fill four.
inflatable pump
3, pump joints, joints are commonly used parts of the pump, there are threaded, there are also fast connectors, durable, material should also be careful, poor quality is ordinary iron, easy to deformation, slippery silk, etc.. To look at the material when choosing.
inflatable pump
4, tire pressure gauge For vehicles without tire pressure monitoring system should always have a tire pressure gauge, convenient to check the tire pressure at any time, digital and mechanical, digital easy to carry lighter weight, digital display is more intuitive, but the measurement accuracy is limited, it is easy to have error, and mechanical accuracy will be better, can be used for a long time ready. Tire pressure gauge can add a guarantee for driving safety and reduce the occurrence of accidents.
inflatable pump
5, other functions, car pump function should be comprehensive, can be a multi-use, such as emergency LED lighting, extension tube and other functions.

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