Car inflatable pump you really know how to use? The correct operation of only five steps!

In the last article, I taught you how to buy a car inflatable pump and recommended a full-featured home product: TESGO MINI car inflatable pump. However, the purchase is good, in the end how to use the car inflatable pump? I believe that there are still many people do not know much about this area, the following will give you a detailed introduction to its use:.

Step 1: connect the tire valve
Inflatable pump nozzle aligned with the tire valve, clockwise direction will be tightened nozzle.
inflatable pump
Step 2: connect the cigarette lighter
Insert the 12v cigarette lighter plug into the car cigarette lighter.

Step 3: Turn on the switch
Press the product switch to the "on" position and start working. Press the switch to the "off" position after the tire pressure is reached. (If the digital display version of the odd shield can also be adjusted through the preset tire pressure function button, when the adjusted tire pressure value will automatically stop inflating Oh.)
inflatable pump
Step 4: Unscrew the air nozzle and pull out the cigarette plug
Towards the counterclockwise direction to unscrew the inflatable pump nozzle, pull out the cigarette plug from the cigarette lighter.
inflatable pump
Step 5: Storage
Put the wire and air tube storage.

By now, you should understand how to use the inflator pump. If you do not have a car inflatable pump, you can also try our inflatable pump, click "buy" to reach the details of the product page, you can also choose to buy it.

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