How to choose a car inflatable pump, what are the skills?

The weather is not cold and not hot is a good season to play, drive to the countryside field trip unexpectedly halfway tire pressure is not enough, in the village before and after the store in the deep woods ----- panic; on the way to work, on the way to a date, on a business trip when the wrong time to miss work after the fish and bear paws can not get angry; on the highway to enjoy the general feeling of flying without traffic jam suddenly burst tires terrible.

These scenarios are real in life, tire pressure is not enough to significantly reduce the safety factor, fuel consumption, tires will also suffer serious wear and tear, at any time equipped with a car inflatable pump is still very necessary. But often hear car owners ask questions about the car inflatable pump which brand is good, everyone's views and use habits are different, around the friends asked a circle or no results, car inflatable pump is not difficult to choose, as long as the following aspects of the analysis, you can buy a satisfactory inflatable pump.
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A, according to the model to choose the right
More beautiful shoes do not fit it is only a decorative item, choose the car inflatable pump is the same, according to their own models to choose. Inflatable pumps are currently divided into single-bar double-bar two, for small cars can choose a single-bar both cheap and power-saving, but for large SUVs single-bar car inflatable pump will not be able to stand, more suitable to choose a double-bar inflatable pump.

Second, the choice of tools complete inflatable pump
In the purchase of car inflatable pump should choose a complete set of tools, each item and other products used in combination to bring out the value, owners choose to buy a set of car inflatable pump can eliminate the need to look around for parts to match it. Even if it is easy to find accessories, it may not be able to use with the car inflatable pump.
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The set includes the car inflatable pump host, tire pressure gauge, car power cord, tire connection tube, some car inflatable pump also comes with battery cables and multiple inflatable connectors and other equipment.

Third, choose a lightweight and convenient inflatable pump
Car inflatable pump in the tire pressure is not enough to use when the tire leakage loss of air, become a car emergency supplies, the general owners will put it in the trunk, but for the size of the heavyweight inflatable pump not only occupies more space to prevent the placement of other items
inflatable pump
In addition, it also increases the weight of the car, accelerating the consumption of fuel to a certain extent, causing property damage to the owner, especially for women drivers with little strength this huge object is not easy to move. Lightweight and portable car inflatable pump does not take up too much space, it is also more convenient to use.

Both suitable and complete to be more lightweight, TESGO MINI inflatable pump can not be more suitable. It is small and delicate in appearance, easy to carry, equipped with a high-precision tire pressure gauge, 60cm-long power cord, multiple air nozzles and tire air hose. The all-metal steel core has a longer life and is more durable.
inflatable pump
Power up to 156W, large air flow to achieve rapid inflation of small vehicles, the base of the rubber head to effectively reduce the sense of vibration during the inflation process, but also greatly reduce noise interference. Multi-purpose air nozzle can meet the needs of motorcycles, bicycles and balls and rubber boats and other products to fill the air, the use of a wide range.

Product features
-All-metal steel core interface with good sealing, strong wear resistance and long service life.
-High-precision tire pressure gauge, control tire pressure at any time, embedded tire pressure gauge is more accurate and stable, to prevent inaccurate measurement of tire pressure, too much inflation caused by a flat tire.
-Power up to 156W, super atmospheric flow for small vehicles, 215/65 R16 tires below 3 minutes super speed inflation.
-60cm-long power cord can be extended around the body to facilitate car inflation, solving the urgent need to inflate the tires because the power cord is too short to reach the pump.
-Base with shock-absorbing rubber head, effectively reduce the sense of vibration during the inflation process, but also greatly reduce noise interference.
-Application scenarios: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks rubber boat inflatable, a wide range of applications.
inflatable pump
Use method
1, please start the car engine first when using, to enhance the power, not consume the car battery power.
2、Insert the cigarette lighter of the inflatable pump into the cigarette lighter of the car, the indicator light is on.
3, turn on the power switch of the inflator pump, the inflator pump work connected to the tire nozzle.
4, inflatable, the meter pointer will rise with the degree of tire saturation, when the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (general automotive tire pressure of 2.2-3kg), close the start switch, remove the plug and air nozzle, that is, to complete the inflatable work.

Special Tips
Each kind of tire requires different pressure, choose the correct tire pressure for your car tires. If you use the battery clip to get electricity, clip the alligator clip on the car battery, with the red clip on the positive pole and the black clip on the negative pole.

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