How to use the portable inflatable pump

The use of inflatable pumps is increasing, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the role of inflatable pumps, so that they can be used correctly and reduce unnecessary errors. Here to learn more about the contents of the inflatable pump.

Product use
Can be applied to: inflatable beds, inflatable pools, inflatable boats, inflatable sofas, inflatable bathtubs, water beds, inflatable toys, swimming rings and other inflatable supplies, is strictly prohibited to use in charging class electrical appliances containing water liquid.
inflatable pump
Pumping method.
1, open the pumping mouth to pump the East East
2, connect the right size accessories in the vacuum pump pumping port (three pumping accessories to choose a suitable). Connect the interface, and then open the switch to start pumping ("-" means open to start pumping, "o" means close to stop pumping).
3, pay attention to the pumping valve is not blocked, otherwise the pump may be damaged due to overheating.
inflatable pump
Inflation method.
1, the inflatable accessories linked to the inflatable mouth, open the switch can start inflating ("-" means open to start inflating, "o" means close to stop inflating).
2, pay attention to the inflatable valve is not blocked, otherwise the pump may be damaged by overheating.
3, pay attention not to use the pumping mouth to inflate
inflatable pump
1、Never allow unmanned control when using.
2、Prohibit storage and use in a humid environment.
3, when using beware of sand, small stones, etc. were sucked into the inflatable or exhaust port.
4, when using the inflatable mouth / exhaust port is strictly prohibited to watch or make it to the eyes.
inflatable pump
The above is the concern about the use of inflatable pumps, the use of reasonable methods, can effectively provide the use of efficiency, but also to better protect the product tools.

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