New Product Line , Portable Wireless Inflatable Pump

Tire pressure is the lifeblood of the tire, too high and too low tire pressure will reduce tire life, a serious threat to driving safety, often drive friends have basically encountered the car tire pressure is not enough, especially in poor road conditions and other places; in the new drivers fumbling to seek help from the 4S store or insurance company, the old drivers have been silently taken out of the car always have an inflatable pump, a simple operation, fast inflation, continue their travels.
Today I recommend a newly listed wireless intelligent inflatable pump, to be a qualified old driver, starting from the inflatable pump!

-Intelligent data, exquisite and compact, small and portable, take with the charge
LCD display can detect and display a variety of data information, data manipulation and error reporting and other highlights.

-Comes with LED lights lighting set, night charging bright whole car
Emergency lights, in case it is not needed, large lumens lighting, so that the night is brighter, integrated two-color flash, the accident scene is safer

-Strong power, high cycle times
Power battery, using 2500mah power battery, high cycle times, more powerful power
inflatable pump
-The invisible place, more attentive
In addition to the visible configuration, the inner is the craftsman configuration, pure copper motor plus 30-cylinder metal cylinder, strong power, fast replenishment of gas.

-Multiple modes Free choice
Can be used in cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles and ball goods.

1, due to the work of the inflatable pump in the air pump end and the tire end will produce a small pressure difference, so the preset value and the actual pressure value after the completion of inflation there is a small range of fluctuations, is a normal phenomenon
2, charging temperature protection <0 ℃ and > 45 ℃, discharge temperature protection <-15 ℃ and > 65 ℃. (Error ±5℃)
inflatable pump
Hazards of unstable tire pressure

The hazards of high tire pressure
a. The friction and adhesion of the tire will be reduced, affecting the braking effect.
b. lead to steering wheel vibration, runaway, so that the driving comfort is reduced.
c. Accelerate the tread pattern in the center of the tire tread local wear, so that the tire life decreases.
d. The vibration of the body becomes larger, which will indirectly affect the life of other parts.
e. will make the tire cord is subject to excessive stretch deformation, the carcass elasticity decreases, so that the car in the driving load increases;.
f. And make the rolling resistance decreased. When encountering nails, glass and other sharp objects on the road, it is easy to tie into the tire, the impact will produce internal cracking and bursting, resulting in a burst tire.
inflatable pump
The harm of low tire pressure
a. with the friction coefficient of the road will increase, fuel consumption rises.
b. cause the steering wheel is very heavy, easy to run off and other factors that are not conducive to driving safety.
c. Make the tire parts of the movement increased, excessive pressure caused by the tire abnormal heat;.
d. Make the cord and rubber function is reduced, resulting in delamination or excessive friction between the broken cord and the rim resulting in damage to the bead area, abnormal wear;.
e. Tire friction with the ground increases exponentially, tire temperature rises sharply, the tire becomes soft, the strength drops sharply. Vehicle speed, it may lead to a blowout.
f. Tire pressure is too low will make the tire body deformation increases, the side of the tire is easy to crack, while generating flexural movement, resulting in excessive heat, prompting rubber aging, cord layer fatigue, cord fracture, will also make the tire ground area increases, accelerating tire shoulder wear.

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