Self-driving travel essential "it", a small inflatable pump has a big use!

When you go out, it is inevitable that there will be various problems with your car. Especially on the highway like car breakdowns, tires are cut or air leakage is the most common situation. These small details can lead to a variety of problems or car accidents, so the market has appeared in the car inflatable pump, out of the very popular by older drivers, the role of a relatively large and small inflatable pump can be placed with the car.
inflatable pump
The current method of use of the inflatable pump diversification, there are two styles of pointer models and accurate digital display models use
inflatable pump
Pointer models: connect the cigarette lighter or battery, start the car (this does not damage the battery, just to provide enough current to support the operation of the inflatable pump), turn on the switch after watching the pointer table pointer to reach the tire pressure can be directly closed.
inflatable pump
Digital display models: after connecting the power supply, connect the tire nozzle and then press the setting key in the middle of the digital display table, the lower right corner to KG/M2 font, then start to press "+" or "-" to increase or decrease tire pressure, digital display models are currently too accurate may be counted The air pressure inside the tube, so the setting can be set on top of the specified tire pressure more than 0.3 pressure.
inflatable pump
Inflatable pumps on the market are currently fractional display and pointer models, but there are also single-cylinder body and double-cylinder body, each cylinder of the inflatable pump corresponding to the models available are not the same
inflatable pump
Single-cylinder models: car inflatable pump single-cylinder style is currently suitable for 1.2 tons or less car weight car use, of course, like electric bicycles can also be, more than the weight of the car will affect the tire pressure table misalignment, and even cylinder rod breakage, so that the inflatable pump damage. Currently known to have a single 30-cylinder, 40-cylinder, 60-cylinder inflatable pump (refers to the cylinder diameter of 30mm) in addition to 1.2 tons of car weight is a single 30-cylinder inflatable pump
inflatable pump
Double-cylinder models: double-cylinder inflatable pump suitable for about 2 tons of car weight, depending on the specific model off-road car body frame weight is heavier than normal car, recommended before buying are required to consult clearly and then get. The current double-cylinder style cylinder is also the same as the single cylinder (on the basis of the original one more 30, 40, 60 cylinders).

Of course, in addition to the inflatable pump and temporary stop sign, car fire extinguisher, car Bluetooth and other car supplies are a lot of necessary, after all, you can prevent emergency situations, there are countermeasures.

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