tesgo mini tire inflatable pump using the results of the evaluation


It is reported that the standard parts used in high-pressure inflatable pumps are selected bearings, and the reliability of brand-type electrical components also means that high-pressure inflatable pumps can work continuously and stably in a variety of environments, which is very necessary for special places. In view of the extremely important work of high-pressure inflatable pumps, so to ensure safety, many manufacturers choose high-pressure inflatable pumps.
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For example, all its fine parts are qualified by CMM precision testing before being put into assembly, the durability of the sturdy all-steel sprayed base plate and shell, etc. fully guarantee the response to the sudden situation in the environment, fully protect the safety of users with good serviceability, strong high-pressure inflatable pumps also use oil and water separators and filters, all using aluminum alloy integrated design late easy to use and safe.
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About the double-cylinder inflatable pump in the check circuit wiring is we should pay great attention to check the power system in accordance with national indicators before connecting the power supply. Reliable grounding system is a necessary safety measure. Triangle belt, check the tightness of the triangle belt and each connection. And turn the host fan by hand is normal. We should remember to replace the v-belt after every 500 hours of work. Pressure hose, check the high-pressure hose, make sure there are no scratches, no holes, no serious friction, leakage, etc.
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The overall components of a well-serviced high-pressure inflatable pump are simple to maintain and easy to use, precisely because of the daily low-cost maintenance to effectively avoid the occurrence of failures, while it uses a lightweight and portable design for easy movement, configured with high-precision filtration system, the overall test of the compressor host can determine its working condition for targeted maintenance optimization, and regular fatigue tests and layers of control to make high-pressure The failure rate of the inflatable pump is greatly reduced.
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Various industries favor high-pressure inflatable pump is the main reason for its stable work, low failure rate, reducing the worries of enterprises, providing customers with a guarantee of stable work, while the air inlet noise filtering to make the noise lower, but also a comfortable working environment, its superb performance in the absence of oil and correct drainage of the conditions of theoretical working time greatly extended, really fine work reliable and stable.

tesgo mini tire inflatable pump inflatable equipment double cylinder inflatable pump, air inflatable pump is roughly divided into three gears, low pressure for 1MPA as follows. Medium pressure for 1MPA-10MPA, high pressure for more than 10MPA; once we want to inflate the air inflatable pump cylinders or to diving selected breathing cylinders, I recommend the use of high-pressure air inflatable pump.
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Select the requirements of the inflatable pump manufacturer, from the volume of the inflatable pump, choose a smaller, lighter weight, placed in the car does not take up space; car if the SVU or large off-road vehicles, it is recommended to choose a double-bar inflatable pump, high power, fast inflation, the operation is not as convenient. Look at the air pressure gauge, see if the air pressure gauge is accurate, some inferior inflatable pump air pressure display has been full, the actual air pressure is still far from the air pressure is not so easy to operate.

Look at the accessories, whether there is a ball needle and air nozzle distribution, these two accessories can be inflated to the ball and motorboat products, but also very practical small accessories; look at the air nozzle interface, good air nozzle interface core is made of copper, durable. Poor quality for aluminum or iron, very non-durable, aspect, to see the product warranty years and.

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