Buy tire inflator pump there are these things you should know

Nowadays, people are taking more and more care of their cars, and they are getting more and more knowledgeable about vehicle repair and maintenance. People will have some emergency vehicle repair and maintenance tools in the car, so that long-distance driving more peace of mind. Today we will take a look at the long-distance driving very useful instrument: inflatable pump, to see what to buy it should pay attention to.

A. What is an inflatable pump
Inflation pump is a tool used to inflate the car tires. The air pump will be connected to electricity, combined with the car tire inflatable mouth, turn on the air pump switch, you can pump the tires. Previously, most of the external electrical appliances in the car will be connected to the vehicle battery, and nowadays, electrical appliances can be connected to the power connector under the center console or in the armrest box, which is very convenient. In the purchase, you should choose the cigarette lighter interface and battery clamps are available in two energized devices.

Second, the type of inflatable pump
The principle of the pump on the market now is more or less the same. The basic parameters are probably divided into several aspects: power, air volume, additional features. Inflatable pumps are divided into single-cylinder and double-cylinder, which sounds a bit like the name of the car engine, is indeed similar. Single-cylinder means that the tire pressure pump is only one power element in the tire inflation, while the dual-cylinder is two power elements work at the same time.
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So theoretically a two-cylinder is better. But some small cars, if the weight of the car is not large, small tires, with a single-cylinder inflatable pump is no problem at all. Inflatable pumps are divided into automatic and manual versions. Now there are pumps as long as you set the tire pressure should reach the value, turn on the power, the pump will automatically inflate the tires to the specified tire pressure, and automatically stop. Of course, this type of inflatable pump will also be more expensive.

Inflation pumps are designed to inflate the car, which is usually encountered when you can't get to the auto repair store in time, and the environment you face may be more complicated. Some inflatable pumps will be thoughtfully installed with lighting to prevent nighttime operation. And some tire pressure pumps will also come with tools such as cones and pliers, giving people the convenience of many aspects. Inflatable pumps can not only inflate car tires, but also inflate various inflatable items such as basketballs and inflatable beds.

Therefore, some inflatable pumps will come with a variety of air nozzles such as air needles, air tubes. If you have the corresponding needs, pay attention when buying and try to buy all the related supplies together to bring more convenience to outdoor recreation.
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Inflatable pump classification
Buy an inflatable pump to look at the machine's air pump pressure is how much air pressure flow is. These values are not as unimportant as we often think. Air pump pressure, the greater the air pressure to inflatable items; and the more cylinders of the air pump, the greater the air pressure flow, the faster the pumping.

If you buy a single cylinder, air pressure of about 12 atmospheric pressure value of the inflatable pump, please do not question: obviously 12 air pressure machine, why pumping so slow? Because the two values do not have anything to do with each other. Single-cylinder destined to its speed will not be too fast, and 12 atmospheric pressure value shows that it can be pumped to the larger atmospheric pressure equipment, will not be too small for their own air pressure and can not play into. In addition to temporary tire deficiency, when do we all use the inflator pump? Different cars have different tire pressure needs when going on different roads. For example, running on the desert, in order to increase the contact area between the tires and sand particles, increasing friction, will be properly deflated, while on normal roads to make up the air back.

Our tires should be re-inflated to how much tire pressure is appropriate? Each type of tire has different needs for tire pressure. If your car is a stock tire, then the normal tire pressure value is usually written on the driver's side door frame, just go there and check it.
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In the outdoors, in addition to tires needing to be inflated, sometimes we also use inflatable mattresses that are used for camping. So can this mattress be inflated with the tire's inflatable pump? Here it is recommended that you use caution.

The general power of the tire air pump is about 280kW, while the air pump specifically for inflatable beds is usually only 140kW. and inflatable beds, kayaks and other equipment requires a large amount of air, if you use high-powered equipment for a long time, it is easy to burn out the machine.

Therefore, if you do take a tire inflator pump to inflate the kayak, we recommend that you fill it for a while and let the machine rest for a while, which can effectively prevent damage to the equipment. At the same time, there is another problem with the tire air pump to fill the mattress, that is, the inflatable mouthpiece is not the same. Because the tire air pump is very powerful, so the air pump's inflation nozzle is closely connected to the tube. To modify, it must be the seller has a special set of head, otherwise it can not be used.
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Some merchants will say that their inflatable pump can inflate the inflatable mattress, just change the inflatable nozzle on the line. This time you need to confirm with them, they sell the corresponding inflatable nozzle, whether the modification is convenient, are determined before placing an order.

There is also an air pump for multifunctional air pump, both inflatable and vacuum. This air pump in order to vacuum function will also be equipped with a variety of different vacuum nozzles, so that vacuuming more simple and convenient.

After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of air pumps? Now more and more people like off-road camping, the function of the air pump is not only to inflate the tires, but also to many camping and water play equipment. A small piece of equipment, adding a lot of convenience to people.
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