Riding black technology! Smart e-bikes enter the streets

Mobile phone remote control, full-scenario intelligent sound control, lithium battery fast charging... Right now, these black technologies are no longer the exclusive vocabulary of the electric car industry, and are gradually spreading to the electric bicycle industry.

The new national standard "E-Bike Safety Technical Specifications" was officially implemented, dividing two-wheeled electric vehicles into electric light motorcycles and electric motorcycles, improving production qualifications and technical requirements, and speeding up the clearing of outdated production capacity. Under this situation, the technology giants are enthusiastic about building cross-border vehicles. Since April this year, the technology giants have successively launched new two-wheeled electric vehicles. What's interesting is that everyone is aiming for one direction: intelligence.
electric bike
The reporter recently visited the major electric bicycle markets and found that compared to the four-wheel market, the two-wheel electric bicycle industry has also begun to flourish recently. Intelligent electric bike are very popular among young people and trendy enthusiasts.

Randomly visited two electric bicycle stores, and all of them displayed a variety of smart electric vehicles. The prices of these vehicles generally ranged from 3,000-7,000 yuan. During the visit, the sales staff of each store expressed optimism about the prospects of the smart electric vehicle market.

At the moment, green travel has become a global consensus. Since the two sessions this year, carbon peak and carbon neutrality have become high-frequency buzzwords. Relevant personnel believe that electric two-wheeled vehicles are still a rigid need for people to travel, and intelligent electric bike will shift to low energy consumption to a certain extent. This is also an important way and means to solve environmental problems.
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According to expert analysis, after the introduction of the new national standard for electric bike, the two-wheeled electric bicycle market has gradually ushered in a peak of replacement. Between 2021 and 2023, the two-wheeled electric vehicles driven by the new national standard will increase by 15 million, 25 million, and 30 million, respectively, with a year-on-year growth rate of 22%, 15%, and 10%. At the same time, with the promotion of consumption upgrades, high-end intelligent products will become the protagonist in the upgrade and replacement of two-wheeled electric vehicles.
electric bike
Studies have shown that lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly than traditional lead-acid batteries. From the perspective of environmental protection upgrades, with the further development of the battery industry, lithium batteries are bound to replace lead-acid batteries, which is the development trend of the industry.

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