4 reasons why you should buy a fat tire electric bike


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4 reasons why you should buy a fat tire electric bike
  Nowadays, there are many kinds of transportation in our daily life, such as cars, scooters and motorcycles. Among them, electric bicycles are undoubtedly popular candidates in recent years. More and more people choose to take electric bicycles to realize their low-carbon lifestyle. But are there different types of electric bicycles, hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes? Fat tires or thin tires? These are all issues that we need to consider when buying electric bicycles. We have discussed the braking system before, now we will discuss the difference between fat tires and thin tires. Literally, the difference between them is obvious, and it is true. However, little things are quite different. Fat tires will bring you an unparalleled riding experience with thin tires. Fat tire electric bicycles have a wide audience, have the advantages of comfortable riding and easy maintenance, and are very suitable for office workers and middle-aged and elderly people with commuting needs. After reading this article, we believe that you will have a new understanding of fat tires and can’t wait to try it! Let us move on!
Ride on more terrain
So what is an electric fat tire bicycle? Generally, the width of a fat tire should be about 4 inches, which is about twice that of a normal tire. For example, all GOSEN electric bicycles are currently equipped with 4-inch fat tires. Wider tires not only bring a more reliable appearance, but more importantly, it has a larger contact area with the ground, which can bring you a stronger grip. Earth power. In addition, wider tires correspond to more patterns, and more complex patterns can increase the traction and braking capabilities of electric bicycles to a higher level. In short, compared with traditional tires, fat tire electric bicycles can be more stable and safer on various terrains, whether it is on soft snowy fields and beaches, or on rugged mountain roads, it can easily cope with . In addition, fat tires are not easy to get stuck in some small cracks, which can prevent accidents to the greatest extent. Generally, whether you are riding on the snow in winter or on the hot summer beach, the fat tire electric bike is suitable for cycling trips in any season. It will always bring you an extraordinary comfortable riding experience and become you The focus of attention. crowd!

Ride comfort
Comfortable riding has always been the most recognized advantage of fat tire electric bicycles. Compared with traditional bicycles, a sufficiently wide tire is made of more rubber material and can contain more air. Therefore, even in the case of low tire pressure, fat tires can still provide strong support. When your ebike tires start to leak slightly, the fat tires can still keep you riding for a while. More importantly, the fat tires give the rider an unparalleled stable riding experience. When driving on steep mountain roads, fat tires can steadily drive over small rocks, thereby greatly reducing vibration. Its own shock absorption function can relieve the impact and easily cope with complex terrain, so fat ebike usually does not need bicycle suspension structure. However, in order to maximize ride comfort, some electric bicycle manufacturers still use suspension structures, just like Hemiwei electric bicycles. Imagine riding an electric bicycle with both fat tires and suspension. What a comfortable ride experience! When you ride GOSEN fat tire electric bicycle, it will definitely be as comfortable as riding on a soft sponge.

Advanced exercise
For many elderly people, the lack of appropriate exercise methods has been bothering them. The increase of age will lead to the decline of physical function, so they can not perform vigorous exercise as they did when they were young. However, the rise of electric bicycles has met their urgent needs, especially fat tires. As fat tires increase the weight of the bike, you need to put in more effort when turning off the electric mode, which will definitely make your legs more exercise. On the other hand, cycling is considered a full-body sport. After an exciting bicycle trip, your whole body will move and your mind will relax. Imagine you are riding a GOSEN electric bike to the forest or quiet mountain trail. After a tiring journey, you finally arrive at your destination, then feel the fresh air there and get in close contact with nature. This will definitely make you feel refreshed and benefit your physical and mental health. Don't worry about the fatigue of long-distance cycling, because as long as you feel tired, you can choose to use the electric mode.

For middle-aged and elderly people, another advantage of fat tire electric bicycles is that they can bring a more stable and safer riding experience. Fat tires allow you to maintain a better balance and drive more stably on various terrains. Therefore, from all aspects, riding a fat tire electric bicycle is an ideal exercise for the elderly.


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